Influencing innovation in healthcare with strength in numbers

HIP Fund is backed by our investing principle of a collaborative diligence process

We focus on

Coachable leaders with vision, solutions and execution that will transform healthcare. Early stage does not scare us, as long as we see a strong path to shareholder value while achieving quality improvement across the healthcare lifecycle.

We invest in

early stage healthcare startups in digital health, Health IT, Tech-Enabled Services, Medical Devices and life sciences (predictive medicine, diagnostics etc.)

Stage and Check Size

Stage: Seed through Series A. Future plans for reserve funds for follow on
Initial Check size: Initial: $150K-$250K
Traction: MVP with some assemble of adoption (i.e. users, revenue, date), medical device: no earlier than 12-18 months pre FDA approval

Why are we different

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Unparallel Deal Access

Utilizing the HIP investment model provides us the top of the funnel from over 100+ investors deal pipeline

LP Driven Diligence

Our LPs are HIPsters - they are directly involved in the HIP collaborative diligence process - hence unlike other funds, they directly impact what investments are made and do not rely on just fund management.

Stacked Deep Healthcare Bench

Going early requires a very deep knowledge basis to mitigate as much risk as possible. We have it covered on both fronts. A) Clinical: heavy dose of clinical HIPsters from oncology, to cardiology, to neurology and beyond. Including 4 physician based venture capital firms. B) healthcare administrators, professionals and multi exit proven entrepreneurs turned investors

Collaboration Meets Advise

Every investor says they will advise and provide access to resources. HIP Fund utilizes BAHA's Advisory Services, activates LPs as advisors, and an impressive collection of affliate partners to bring a venture studio/incubation arm to portfolio management.

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