Influencing innovation in healthcare with strength in numbers

HIP Fund I is backed by our investing principle of a collaborative diligence process


Target Fund Size


Current Capital Raised


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Upcoming Follow-On Investments

Along with 3 HIP VC Members

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Along with 2 HIP VC Members

Along with 3 HIP VC Members

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Our Investment Thesis

| Supporting the Right Unmet Needs + Fuel Growth |

The HIP Fund I is strategic capital from experienced healthcare-only LPs focused on supporting technology-based solutions that positively impact healthcare

Health Technology

Data and AI solutions centered around better decision-making and efficiency

Consumer Health

Providing consumers affordable options while improving access and healthcare spend

Health IT

Opportunistic solutions helping reduce the cost of delivering care across healthcare institutions

Digital Health

Modernizing traditional manual aspects of accessing care and related services

Life Sciences

Hardware and software across precision medicine, diagnostics and medical devices focusing on reducing cost of care and improving efficiency and outcomes


  • Life Sciences: for regulatory compliance required solutions – investment window is no earlier than 12-18 months pre-FDA submission (i.e. medical devices, diagnostics and screening).
  • Health Technology, Digital Health and Health IT: requirement for MVP to be validated through pilots, or early-revenue traction. Opportunities requires a revenue plan that is established with a line of execution for18 months forward identified.
  • Consumer Health: requirement for MVP to be clinically and user-experience validated by early traction and market influencers. GTM needs to have initial testing and verification.


  • Drug discovery or development
  • Creation of biologics or therapeutics
  • Biotechnology

What Makes Us Unique

| Control Risk + Focus on Creating Value and Returns |



Diversified multidisciplinary collaborative ecosystem that mitigates risk and commercializes effective healthcare innovations

⎻ Collaborative ecosystem of 200+ investors
⎻ Sourcing of opportunities – 80% of pipeline comes from HIP investor network – pre-vetted deal flow
⎻ Multidisciplinary expert-led diligence – every voice counted



Multi-angle deployment with value-add impact built-in

⎻ Unique LP-friendly fund structure (0% management fees)
⎻ Opportunity to participate in sidecar SPVs
⎻ Attaining investor rights and pro-rata in each investment as an early-stage investor
⎻ Syndicate opportunity with value -add VCs and Strategic Investors



Early-stage investing with the most complete risk mitigation process

⎻ Multifaceted validation covering every angle (i.e. clinical, product/technology, commercialization, people/leadership)
⎻ Proprietary investing platform providing transparency on diligence and decision making to all investors
⎻ Shared decision-making based on evidence-based construct



Smart capital deployment thesis ensuring early risk detection, growth, and returns

⎻ Required post-investment advisory model enforces return on investment thesis
⎻ Manage and guide future capital raises for startups based on a hands-on approach
⎻ Large strategic network utilized to drive commercialization and grow revenue and profitability
⎻ Provide investors an opportunity to participate in advisor roles in deals (i.e. clinical, product development, BD)

Deal Flow

| From Opportunity to Investment |

In addition to providing relevant expertise through the diligence process, HIP investors also offer invaluable advisory support post-investment to assist company growth and scale


Annual Deals in Pipeline


Annual Deals from Accelerators


Ratio of Seed or Seed Extension / Series A / Series B


Ratio of Follow-on Investments in Existing Portfolio / New Deals

4 Months

Average Time Spent in Diligence Before Investment

Stage and Check Size

Stage: Seed through Series A. Future plans for reserve funds for follow on. Post-investment agreement executed with value-add investors established as advisors for portfolio company.
Initial Check size: $150K-$250K
Traction: MVP with some assemble of adoption (i.e. users, revenue, date), medical device: no earlier than 12-18 months pre FDA approval.

Deal Sourcing

| Add sub-heading |

Robust healthcare-only HIP Investor Network has over 80 institutional investors including 16 US health systems – yielding over 60% of our pipeline


Relationships with the largest and most reputable accelerators, incubators and professional healthcare organizations globally. Here's a small sampling: 


The HIP Investor Network also includes over 120 non-institutional investors who are healthcare industry executives, entrepreneurs and clinicians. Their active support results in over 25% of our pipeline. Here's a small sampling: 

HIP Institutional Investors and Co-Investors

Focused and purposeful collaborative ecosystem gives us an unmatched ability to not only co-invest but also leverage our partners in diligence and decision-making.

The current approach to healthcare investing is broken

We are on a mission to change that!

Traditional ways of investing do not work in healthcare. A collaborative approach that brings all stakeholders of a healthcare startup’s journey need to be at the table to make an informed and successful investment decision. HIP is shattering the status quo by bringing together financial (angel, family office, VC, PE) and strategic investors (payers, providers, delivery systems) into the analysis, due diligence, and advisory roles of our portfolio companies.

Managing Partner & Founder, HIP

HIP Advisory Board

Dr. rakesh patel


kamal gogineni

Founder/CEO Medneon (acquired by Invitae)

Raz zia


keith winter

Partner, Teal Ventures




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