Healthcare Innovation Pitch for Startups

Pitch Opportunity for Early-Stage Start-Ups in front of the Right Investors at the Right Time

Our goals for the Startup community are simple

Save You Time

Go through our expedited process of due diligence which includes getting exposed to our clinical, technology and subject matter experts. We prep you to concisely present your value proposition to a group of curated investors, advisors, and experts.

Bring You The Right Investors

As we perform our due diligence, we curate the optimal investors from our ever-growing investor network, to hear your value proposition. Pitch to those who are passionate about your area of interest.

Connect Safely

HIP attendees (investors, advisors, and experts) will provide you with invaluable formal feedback. We will also arrange further conversations and deeper dives with investors that show interest.

What you can expect before, during and after the event



Go through our due diligence process to see if you have what it takes to qualify to present at our pitch event


Opportunity to deliver your pitch in front of a highly curated healthcare interest only network of investors, advisors and experts


Access to formal feedback and opportunity to continue conversations with interested investors and advisors

It's Simple To Get Started


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Upon review, we will schedule a 15 minute introduction call


Go through our due diligence screening process

Frequently Asked Questions

What is HIP?

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What type of investors attend your pitch event?

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