HIP Startup Participants

Actively Funding and Advising

A clinically validated RPM platform to simplify diabetes and maximize patient provider workflows.

Digital biomarker platform that measures “neurologic dysfunction” to digitally detect disease and drugs.

AI assisted patient engagement/remote patient monitoring for CHF patients.

Virtual visits with a licensed medical expert on your device any time.

Technology platform with unified communications to quickly resolve all recall events.

The world’s first empathetic voice companion for patients living with chronic disease.

Platform for personalized health information.

Technology-enabled house calls: A platform empowering nurses and physicians to deliver advanced care in the comfort of patient’s home.

Mobile platform providing employees direct access to answers and assistance from health, financial and legal experts.

A web based marketplace revolutionizing staffing needs in healthcare.

Actively Funding and Advising

Transforming cold cap therapy. Making cold caps affordable, easy to use, and effective for all solid tumor patients facing hair loss from chemotherapy.

Medical Science and Machine Learning solution to automate and personalize treatment pathways at an individual and population level.

A gaming platform that helps patients manage and mitigate the effects of disease.

An RPM platform as a service used by providers.

Commercializing innovative, wearable, digital products aimed at empowering women to understand their health and improve fetal and maternal outcomes.

A global injury recovery platform, remotely extending elite quality care to all patients.

Provides innovative solutions for home-based cardiac rehab and secondary prevention of heart disease.

Evidence based digital virtual health care platform for people with back and neck pain.

SaaS platform delivering risk-based patient segmentation analysis that generates tailored interventions to increase adherence.

Noninvasive continuous glucose monitoring wearable.

Blockchain powered Security for patients around personal identity and medical information.

Automating and optimizing workflow for the senior care industry.

HIPAA compliant texting platform that helps optimize the front desk of medical offices.

Actively Funding and Advising

Aging in place. Health solutions using advanced sensors, artificial intelligence, medical evidence and human touch.

Actively Funding and Advising

RCE is an AI based med tech that is working towards early progression of coronary artery disease prior to a heart attack.

Cost effective solution to make it easier for independent physician groups to transition to value-based systems of care.

Smart patient engagement solution for radiology.

Revolutionizing the quality and efficiency of fertility care.

Intelligent NASA AI platform used for connected care and monitoring.

Smart prescriptions solution for patients and providers

Brain health monitoring with a wearable-enabled data analytics platform

A platform for personalized preventive health