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Our goals for the investor community are simple

Save You Time

We do a lot of the early work to make sure that the time you spend with us is valuable by exposing you to a number of opportunities in a short amount of time, without dealing with overwhelming solicitation by start-ups.

Bring You Pre-Screened Companies

Our subject matter experts and clinical advisors conduct thorough audits and we prep all the entrepreneurs to ensure that they are able to articulate their value proposition in a concise and direct manner.

Connect You With Other Investors

Opportunity to network with like-minded investors and advisors in a comfortable environment provides an opportunity to hear varied experts opinions on the start-ups adding to your due diligence process.

What you can expect before, during and after the event



Get access to the lineup of pre-screened startups presenting including sneak peaks delivered through Investor Briefs


Hear concise pitches (15 min pitch, 15 min Q&A) and network with other investors, advisors and experts


Receive additional information and connections to opportunities that interest you

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is HIP?

Health Innovation Pitch (HIP), is a monthly event that provides early-stage health care related startups the opportunity to pitch in front of a carefully curated group of investors and advisors. It is also an opportunity for investors and advisors to network among themselves.

As an investor, why should I participate?

HIP is a great opportunity to see pre-selected healthcare startups that fit your investment criteria while providing the opportunity to network with other investors and experts in the healthcare space.

Where does the event take place?

Our event takes place in the heart of Silicon Valley in Cupertino at one of our investor partner offices . The event can also be attended virtually from anywhere.

Where do you source your companies to pitch?

With a rich 18+ year history in the healthcare space, our network spans the globe. We source companies from our large curated investor network, accelerators, and professional associations.

What types of companies are allowed to pitch?

We are purely focused on the healthcare space. Our typical focus is digital health (consumer and provider/payer), healthcare IT, and life science.

How do you qualify companies?

Once the startup completes the application process, we initiate our pitch due diligence process which entails:

a) A thorough analysis of product market fit
b) business model and revenue model review
c) buyer, end user, and clinical (as necessary) deep dive with subject matter and clinical experts with BAHA's Advisor Network
d) screening of investment interest level with our investor committee.

Based on the results of our due diligence we then extend an invitation for the startup to pitch at one of our upcoming events.

What stage of funding is this pitch event targeting?

Our pitch event is targeted towards companies that are pre-Series A that have an MVP, and have some level of traction (i.e. revenue, defined business model).

What type of investors attend your pitch event?

Our investor panel includes early-stage healthcare venture capital firms, physician investors, angel investors, and high net worth individuals.

Can I interact with other investors prior and after the event?

Absolutely. We foster relationships and networking opportunities among our investors which is one of the primary goals of the pitch event.

Can I contact the companies directly?

We like to conduct the initial outreach with the companies when presenting your interest. Once that is initiated, investors are free to communicate with the companies.

Is my identity confidential? Are companies going to solicit me?

Our investors remain confidential and anonymous to the companies until the time of the event. We also do not allow companies to contact you before or after the event unless we receive your approval to do so.

What happens after the pitch event?

We ask our investors and advisors to complete feedback forms on each of the companies presenting, regardless of their interest level in the company. We also share full investment decks, the Zoom recording, and as needed contact information of the presenting companies.

Can I provide feedback on the pitches?

Absolutely. We highly encourage our investors and advisors to complete a short online feedback form on each of the companies.